Basic Web site about a meeting of pipemakers. This creative symposium was held in 2011 in our pipe workshop in Kostelec. The meeting is associated with charity auctions of the manufactured pipes. In 2012 the meeting will be held in Poland in the pipe workshop of Zbigniew Bednarczyk Pages with my photo albums from pipe workshops, exhibitions and competitions in slow pipe smoking. Here you can also find an overview of my pipes.
Pipe Clubs Today one of the biggest Czech pipe smokers club. It's not only Internet forum, but absolutely unique in the world, also a group of friends pipes that often and regularly meets and club organizes many interesting events.
Pipes Sellers In 2013, the newly opened store with pipes and cigars in the center of Prague. Today, here you can find the classical range of smoking products and unique offer of pipes produced by Czech and Slovak pipemakers. Bisgaard Pipes was established in 1963 and has been run to Margit and Aage Bisgaard from the shop in Adel Street in Ebeltoft until the turn of the century. Bisgaard pipes has since specialized in exclusive pipemaker pipes and good production manufactured pipes, placing it among the leading internet stores internationally. One of the biggest online stores with goods for smokers in the Czech Republic. The range of offers, quality of service and responsiveness to customers is top notch.
Pipemakers Czech pipemaker and besides a good friend. In a short time he developed a distinctive style of his pipes, which confirms the success of his pipes abroad. WhitePipes - Ahmet Buyukcopur - artistic hand carved pipes made of the best genuine block-meerschaum Michal Novák, originally a photographer and then at me he learned to produce pipes. Today he works in his separate workshop. He creates his pipe with the edges, as he says himself.
Others en description