"The Seven LongShanks" Collection

I am preparing a longer time collection of pipes with long necks or shanks. Style collection is not in conservative. The collection includes classic pipe shapes, but also my copyright shapes pipe. Another detail that connects the pipe from the collection is the use of nuts "Patauá". It is a natural walnut South American palms "Ungurahui" (Penocarpus Batauá.). Walnut has a beautiful structured drawing. Walnut also used by manufacturers knives on the grip.

Details and more photos of pipes in the collection can be found here:
Canadian XL No. 14077
Bent XL No. 14076
Break XL No. 14075
Vesuv XL No. 14074
Okta XL No. 14073
Liverpool No. 14072
Brandy XL No. 14071