Three brothers of "Canadiana"

This extraordinary set of three pipes, in the shape Canadian, is outstanding comparing the sizes of pipes. Set allow the smoker to compare smoking pipes of the same shape in the smoke chamber size, but the size of the entire pipe .- The biggest "brother" has an overall length of 216.5 mm and a length of 199 mm smoke channel, "middle brother" has a length of 171 mm and 153 mm channel "smallest brother" has a length of 145.9 mm and 128.9 mm channel. Mainly, comparing tobacco chambers 52.2 / 22.0 to 40.8 / 20.0 to 39.9 / 18.7 (depth / diameter of the tobacco chambers in mm). On the mouthpieces are used by Cumberland rod and is adorned with a ring made of moose antler.

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