Unigue Collection Gaudí dreams.

Some time ago I have produced tobacco pipes for Barcelona Pipa Club in occasion of 25th anniversary of its fundation. Smoking a pipe, I had a talk with the writer Jaime Rosal and we started to discuss about Antonio Gaudí y Cornet. The work of this ingenious Catalan’s artist is really inspirative, so that it was very close to think about to prepare the pipes collection in honour of the great creator. Visiting Barcelona, another member of Barcelona Pipa Club, Mr. Vicens Lozano, helped me as the erudite guide, thanks to whom I have seen the major part of Gaudí’s work and my fantasy could disperse fully. I had just to let acting the great energy of that original architect. Comprihension comes suddenly, all that is as a great game, great Gaudí played a game, he mixed complex and detailles changing their interpretation, the complex dominated by detail and, at the same time, every detail sustains inside an atribut of the complex. Subconsciously, the art of Gaudí provoke you to touch it and that is the very strong and direct connection with a pipe. In that case, the idea of creation is clear: to find out these typical details of Gaudí’s constructions which atributs distinguish the complex and later transform them in pipe, as a new complex. Every pipe is very different as well as the impuls of the art of Gaugí, anyway, in interaccion they form one complex and each of them invites you to be touched. I am grateful for inspiration and help in the moment of creation ot this collection to Barcelona Pipa Club, especially to Mr. Vincens Lozano and Jaime Rosal.