Model number: 12033
Name: Manvë
Material: Briar Calabrian
Mouthpiece: Acrylic and beech wood
Ring: Sterling Silver and Moose Horn
Filter: None
Length: 361,2/173,2 mm
Bowl height: 67,4 mm
Bowl diameter: 46,2 mm
Chamber depth: 49,2 mm
Chamber diameter: 20,1 mm
Weight: 81 g
Grade: VSOP
Price: On reguest
Availability: Can be made to order
Description: The name of the long reading pipe was inspired by the work of J.R.R.Tolkien. Manwë, one of the seven Valar of Middle-Earth and Lord of Arda. He loves the air, and therefore is also called the Lord of Wind, who owns all the birds. The extension of the mouthpiece is made of bent beech wood and is equipped with ring made from moose antler. In addition the pipe is also equipped with a short stem - the combination of aesthetic and utility.