Model number: 21011
Name: Gandalf Extra Long
Material: Brier Calabrien
Mouthpiece: Ebonit Rod/ Bufallo Horn
Ring: Sterling Silver 925
Filter: 9 mm
Length: 378,0 mm / 175,0 mm
Bowl height: 67,1 mm
Bowl diameter: 52,2 mm
Chamber depth: 46,5 mm
Chamber diameter: 20,4 mm
Weight: 77 grams
Grade: VSOP
Price: On request
Availability: Can be made to order
Description: Extra long Churchwarden - inspired by the film masterpiece of Gandalf's pipe from "The Lord of the Rings." The pipe is completed with a second mouthpiece of the usual length. The drawing of the briar corresponds exceptionally beautifully to the shape of the pipe head.