Model number: 12022
Name: Chuchwarden
Material: Briar
Mouthpiece: Ebonit
Ring: Sterling Silver
Filter: None
Length: 286,2 mm
Bowl height: 45,2 mm
Bowl diameter: 32,8 mm
Chamber depth: 37,3 mm
Chamber diameter: 18,9 mm
Weight: 37 g
Grade: VSOP
Availability: Can be made to order
Description: Pipe with Human Face Here you can see how nature can play. Yesterday I completed a churchwarden pipe, several times I've sanded the finish to contrast the black stains, it looked like I was almost done, and when I started waxing, I suddenly discovered under the spotlight of the lamp a strange shape. When I turned the pipe into a certain angle and a certain light there appeared an impresionist faceon the side of the bowl. A pure coincidence, but it looks like as if painted by the Czech master Jan Zrzavy. Have a look for yourselves how playful can nature sometimes be.