New Workshop

A few photos of the new workshop in Havlíčkův Brod, my hometown. Here, perhaps for life.

Collection "Bulldogs 6&9"

Two Buldogs in one collection, "Bulldogs 6 & 9".
Two shapes pipes are complementary opposite orientation of the contour of the head and the direction of the wood grain.

Bulldog 6 No. 18030 next photos

Bulldog 9 nO. 18031 next photos

Exclusive Collection "Seven Bulldogs" July 2017

After a long time, I've made myself happy and just now I've completed an exclusive collection of a weekly set of "Seven Bulldogs." I like this shape. The collection contains seven different shapes with different finishes.
A special thank you belongs to a friend and excellent graphic designer Aleš Hladík, who helped prepare a cassette for this set.

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Bulldog Thuesday No. 17SB2 - next photos

Bulldog Wednesday No. 17SB3 - next photos

Bulldog Thursday No. 17SB4 - next photos

Bulldog Friday No. 17SB5 - next photos

Bulldog Saturday No. 17SB6 - next photos

Bulldog Sunday No. 17SB7 - next photos

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Workshop XXXXIX. PC Prachatice

This weekend 11th February 2012 came my friends from the Pipeclub Prachatice, same as every year in February (it has already been the third time). In this album you can see photos from this Saturday. There are also pictures of pipes that we made ​​together.

Workshop XXXXVIII.

Here are photos of two pipes, which have been created by my friends in Kostelec during the XXXXVIII. workshop. The pipes were manufactured by Adam Schorcht, Tomas Liska along with me.