Model number: 12065
Name: Elephant's-Trunk
Material: White Briar Albanien
Mouthpiece: Acrylic
Ring: Giraffe Bone fossils
Filter: 9mm
Length: 158,2 mm
Bowl height: 68,3 mm
Bowl diameter: 54,1 mm
Chamber depth: 50,9 mm
Chamber diameter: 21,2 mm
Weight: 118 g
Grade: VSOP
Price: 560,- EUR
Availability: Reserved
Description: Exceptional briar, strong colored combinations, special ring, robust shape. Rusticated detail evokes the name. This detail enhances the tactile sensation of the pipe. The inspiration for the detail was a pipe made by my colleague from Poland, Bartek Antoniewski, which I won at the competition in slow pipe smoking in Przemysl.