Model number: 14076
Name: Bent XL
Material: Briar Sicilian
Mouthpiece: Acrylic rod
Ring: Patauá Walnut
Filter: None
Length: 179,5 mm
Bowl height: 53,6 mm
Bowl diameter: 39,8 mm
Chamber depth: 42,0 mm
Chamber diameter: 20,0 mm
Weight: 49 g
Grade: VSOP
Price: On request
Availability: Can be made to order
Description: One of the seven pipes of Collection "The Seven Longshanks". These are pipes of different styles that have a common element - long shank. Another common feature is the use nuts "Patauá". Walnut with beautiful natural drawing is used on rings of pipes. [url=] All Collection „The Seven Longshanks“ [/url]