The Seven Bulldogs Collection

I just finished an exclusive collection of seven pipes, which are variations on the classic theme shape "Bulldog". It's a seven-day set and its name is "The Seven Buldogs."
The idea I had for a long time, but I was looking for detail, which will link pipe. I finally opted for an elegant ring of elk antler, which is a beautiful natural material. Each of pipes has a different color finish and all have exceptional briar.
I hope that this collection will like to you.

Details of each of pipes can be found here:
Bulldog No. 14056 – Monday
Bulldog No. 14055 – Tuesday
Bulldog No. 14054 – Wednesday
Bulldog No. 14053 – Thursday
Bulldog No. 14052 – Friday
Bulldog No. 14051 – Saturday
Bulldog No. 14050 – Sunday